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Viral Marketing

Online viral marketing is the latest marketing tool that is creating buzz in today's net savvy world. It is flourishing on the word-of-the-mouth phenomenon for a particular product or a service through entertaining online advertising. An online viral marketing agency's job is to create a viral that encourages the recipients to pass the message along and spread it without any self automation.

We can create the viral messages that carry your brand message and are entertaining enough to be spread on their own for a successful Online viral marketing campaign. Our creative team consists of experienced as well as fresh visualizers and graphic designers that create an attractive Online viral marketing campaign with their proven industry experience and fresh ideas.

The Online viral marketing can renew your lost customers and help you create new business relationships with a high-impact brand message conveyed indirectly. Our Online viral marketing campaigns entice the user to explore the product or service further by redirecting him to the website and encouraging him to refer the viral to a friend. The viral can be a game, an animated sequence or a contest.

We brainstorm with our team along with the client to streamline the most suitable online viral medium as per the brand image and requirements. The first step towards developing an Online viral is to invent an idea that can convey the marketing message in most effective manner.

webcraftstoresViral Marketing team creates a conceptual story board with concept document and the online viral details to get an approval by the client. As the concept is finalized, we begin execution of the concept using different tools like flash, Photoshop, rich media to incorporate the voiceovers, music and animated sequences. If you require high quality and strikingly entertaining online viral campaigns, contact our business development team and we will be glad to answer you.

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Our satisfaction comes not only from working within the limited areas we have been working over the past years, but continually improving and developing skills and abilities for new media design services.
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