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Web Portals

To be successful, companies need to provide customers with web-based services, streamline their internal processes and have access to critical business data. The companies who invest today will be the ones with the edge tomorrow.
Where will you be?

Modern internet technologies and communications has made businesses able to reach their customers in a new effective way. Powerful international network unites people worldwide, making business relations impressive. The only thing that you need to run your business on the internet is professionally designed web site and few automated web applications.

Web Portal Development
webcraftstores.in's experience spans extensive developing and programming multi-tier web applications. webcraftstores.in's team is characterized by a uniquely strong combination of knowledge and experience in multiple web development languages and across multiple platforms. Our web developers have solid understanding of software engineering principles and processes and in-depth experience in web - related software development.We have the expertise to enable client-server applications, desktop applications or even large legacy applications to take advantage of the web.

We provide custom web application development services of any complicity level. Even if you need just a search application for your website or a complicated on-line CRM system, we can help.

Database integration and applications
Our customized Database driven applications will give you the freedom to manage your company's complex information the way you see fit.We specialize in Php MySQL, SQL Server and MS Access which are three of the most powerful and widely used Windows/NT and Unix based Database backbones. Our extensive knowledge of built-in functionality of these Database systems along with our development experience in PHP will ensure high level of performance and customization of your Database applications.

Re-architecting to Web Enable
Since the year,business organizations all over the world have been running on a large installed base of legacy applications that have evolved over years and across diverse platforms. In the Internet era these businesses, demand greater performance efficiency and web-enabled interactivity.webcraftstoresworks with such organizations in migrating to the web with the dual objective of leveraging the knowledge captured in their legacy applications, while exploiting the performance potential of latest technologies.

Web applications Support and MaintenanceWould you like your web application to be supported by a reliable and capable team based in India and enjoy significant cost savings? webcraftstores.in's competent team will not only support your application, but also work along with you to make enhancements so that your business is better served.We provide comprehensive support for all Web Applications.

Support includes maintenance, testing, standard training and help, and if necessary enhancements in the existing system. Our Web application maintenance service covers all bug fixes, required changes to meet previously agreed upon specifications, and helping clients operate and maintain the Web Application on their own.

If the Web Application includes Databases, then such projects can also involve up-scaling or migrating to a new database, or upgrading to a newer version of the underlying Database.

Do you need help to develop a customized application for your enterprise. We would be happy to help you architect and develop it. Get in touch with us at: info@webcraftstores.in

Few website applications which will help your organization:

Online content management system (CMS)
Online document management system (DMS)
E-learning systems ( LMS, LCMS, VLE)
Newsletter mailing systems
Online Ecommerce store: B2C, B2B
Search engine, data retrieval, archival systems
Online shopping cart application
e-CRM system: online support, chat, messaging
Website maintenance suite
Ebusiness application suite
Marriage Portal ot Dating portal
E-stores online sale
Real Estate
Job site
Mega Portal
Shopping cart
Game Portal
Model and Escorts
Yellow pages or Classified

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Web Portals
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Our satisfaction comes not only from working within the limited areas we have been working over the past years, but continually improving and developing skills and abilities for new media design services.
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