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Pay Per Click Management Services

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Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Company
Pay Per Click Advertisement

Pay Per Click Advertising
When you put specific keywords in search engine’s search panel, list of websites related to those keywords will appear in natural listing, but at the same time few websites are shown at the right hand side, these are the special advertisements called pay-per-click advertisements bearing same keywords that you have used for search purpose. This process is a unique way of advertising, where advertisers have nothing to pay for advertising their websites but they have to pay per each click that site visitors made on their link. This is advertising procedure is also called Cost per Click (CPC) advertisement.

Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing Company
With the growing popularity of Pay per click, many ppc, pay for placement or pay for ranking search engines have emerged but most popular among them is Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and MIVA. PPC search engine is an effective way of attracting cheap, targeted traffic to your website. It allows advertisers to choose appropriate keywords of their interest which relate their website as search is performed by users.

Some of the well known Pay per Click search engines are Search 123, SearchFeed, kanoodle, 7Search, GoClick, Enhance Interactive, ePilot etc. who can equally bring effective results at low cost. 

Advertising Method
As an advertiser, you have to deposit certain amount before entering your site’s URL to search engines,only then you are allowed to bid on business targeted keywords for description and titles. While selecting keywords/phrases, attention must be paid on those keywords that are often repeated in title and description in order to increase website’s relevancy. Because, when users search information using keywords, your website must be shown in sponsor listing area and if they click on provided link, this is the point where you will be charged for each click.

Pay Per Click Management Services

Pay per Click engines can be categorized as Keyword, Product or Services ppc. Let us discuss each in detail.

Keyword Pay per Click
When an advertiser post his website for Keyword ppc campaign, they have to bid for keywords or product model number. When visitors search the products or services on the Internet using those keyword or phrases, his/her site will be shown and as users click on their link, advertisers will be charged per click made by the site visitors. Common Pay per click keyword search engines are Search 123, GaZabo.com, SearchFeed, LookSmart, 7Search, GoClick, Enhance Interactive, ePilot etc.

Product Pay per Click
Product ppc engines, also called Product Comparison Engines or Price Comparison Engines, allows advertiser to feed their product databases. When users search for the product, links to various advertisers selling that product will be listed and user can sort products by price range and click on the selected link to purchase that product. Product Pay per Click search engines are Price Leap, Pricethat, BizRate, Shopping.com, Nex Tag etc.

Service Pay per Click
Service Engines allow advertisers to feed their service databases, so that when user search for the particular services, link to advertisers providing that services will be shown and permit visitors to select the services by price range and by some other methods. Few Service Pay per Click search engines are TripAdvisor, Pricethat, Sidestep etc.

Pay Per Click
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