Prestashop to Prestashop Migration

to migration provided by LitExtension helps to transfer your important data including products, customers, orders, blogs and other related entities. The process will be completed automatically, securely, and accurately.

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Prestashop to Prestashop Migration

Step 1: Set-up Source Cart and Target Cart

Select Prestashop as “Source Cart” and Prestashop as “Target Cart” from dropdown list. Enter store URL and follow brief instructions to set up the carts.

Step 2: Select Data You Want To Migrate

Choose the entities you want to migrate from Prestashop to Prestashop such as products, product categories, customers, orders, and even more.

Step 3: Perform Full Migration

Let’s start the migration from Prestashop to Prestashop. Once the migration process is kicked off, it will constantly run even when you turn off your browser.

Migration Questions

Clear Data On Target Store Before Migration

Preserve Order IDs on Target Store


Create 301 Redirects on Target Store

Migrate Customers Password

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